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Of Mice And Men
John Steinbeck
English Literature Unit 1: The Study of Prose…read more

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Exam Success
AO1 - Argument
I have addressed the key terms of the question.
I have made and sustained arguments which answer
the question
I have structured my response effectively
There is a logical flow and progression throughout
my response
I have articulated my points effectively
I have used quotations little and often to support
and illustrate my points.…read more

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Exam Success
I have an assured interpretation of characters,
settings and events
I have identified a range of methods used by
I have analysed the effect created by the use of these
I have directly linked this analysis back to the key
terms of the question.
I have an analytical approach throughout the
response…read more

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Writing a Response
Immediately address the key terms of the question.
Make initial arguments in a general way
State personal opinion
Make reference to methods that have been used.…read more

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In Steinbeck's `Of Mice and Men', I do agree that
Curley is a violent character, and therefore, a
danger to others. In Extract 6 especially, Curley is
presented as being a danger to others by
Steinbeck, particularly to the character of Lennie.
Earlier in the novel. Curley is displayed as being a
boxer as he is described as being `lightweight' and
`pretty handy' by Candy. With this considered, I do
believe that Steinbeck's presentation of Curley
leads us to believe he is a danger to others.…read more

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What do you think
the question was?…read more

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