English Literature Essay Writing

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1 - Content

  • Know the play/book/poem very well

2 - Method

  • Know how to answer the questions when they come about (technique

3 - Timing

  • Practise writing when under a time pressure 

Types of questions you may get asked

  • Character: (Eg. Scrooge, Jacob Marley, Fred, Mr. Birling ect.)
  • Explore the presentaion of the character in the text 
  • Theme: (Eg. Love, Pain, Loss, War, Spookey, 'The Unknown'
  • Explore the presentation of the themes in the text

B (5/6) grade students will:

  • Say where a certain word (Eg. Lonley) appears in the text

"I'm awfully lonley..." - Curley's wife

From this the A*(8/9) grade student


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