Explanations for the Success and Failure of Dieting - Building Block

Here's another building block I made for the second topic in the Eating unit. Again, this one includes many studies which aren't in the textbook and these ones are a lot more memorable.

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Building block: Explanations for the Success/Failure of Dieting

AO / IDA Content of paragraph
AO1 Dieting is dependent on regulating your food intake.
Memory is important for this within a meal and at subsequent meal.
Memory and If you don't remember eating, you have less control over what you eat…

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AO1 Herman and Polivy ­ why dieting may lead to overeating.
Hunger keeps intake of food above minimum.
Boundary Satiety keeps intake of food below maximum.
Model Dieters create an artificially low boundary for food intake.
(`What the Dieters tend to have larger range between hunger and satiety as takes…


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