Explanation For Development Of A Sense Of Self

8 AO1s and 16 AO2s. A* essay. Set out in table for easy memorising.

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Explanation For Development Of A Sense Of Self
AO1's AO2's
1 Social cognition describes the 1 This approach is deterministic as it
development of cognitive processes that suggests that the development is
result in the child knowing that it is an preprogrammed.
individual in the social world.
2 At 2 months, the child develops an 2 Evidence to support this comes from the
understanding of its effect on the world. study of infants who match their movements
This is known as personal agency. to those displayed to them.
3 Between 3 and 6 months the child 3 The development of subjective self
develops subjective self awareness. This awareness is supported by observational
means that it recognises that it is research which shows that before this age,
physically different to others. babies prefer to watch videos of themselves,
but after this age they prefer to watch videos
of others. This suggests that after this age
they are beginning to recognise differences
between people.
4 However, observational research on babies
is subjective because it is not possible to
ask them their thoughts.
5 The cognitive approach is not supported by
psychodynamic psychologists, who suggest
that the baby does not develop an identity
until attachment at 8 months.
4 By 15 months, the baby develops objective 6 This stage has been studied by Lewis and
self awareness. This means that it BrookesGunn, who placed ink on a child's
recognises that it is behaviourally different face and then showed them a mirror. Before
to others. objective self awareness, the child will look
at the `other child', however afterwards the
child will attempt to remove the ink from its
7 Other animals have also shown this
behaviour in the ink test, suggesting that
objective self awareness is not uniquely
8 This raises ethical issues in animal studies
as it suggests that some animals have
objective self awareness and there can
suffer from psychological harm.
9 The developmental process cannot be
mechanistically observed. Individual
differences enable children to develop at
different rates.
10 Individualist cultures emphasise importance
of the individual above the group and
research shows that individualist babies
develop objective self awareness before
collectivist babies.
11 Other psychologists believe that objective
self awareness is reached earlier as babies
are capable of imitation almost straight from
birth. It can be argued that imitation

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Explanation For Development Of A Sense Of Self
necessitates a sense of self.
5 At 4, the child learns that its own internal
thinking is unique. This is called
psychological self awareness.
6 This stage allows the child to take the
perspective of others and to start
empathetic thinking.
7 One the child has developed psychological 12 Baron Cohen conducted research into
self awareness, it can begin to build psychological self awareness. Using dolls to
schema.…read more



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