Exam problems

Help so that you can overcome common problems in the exam

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Exam problems
If you have writers block switch to a different question. This might
break the block. Start writing anything - even something not to do
with the exam. You can always cross this out once you're under way.
If you are stuck re-read what you have written. This might provide a
kick-start. Re-visit your rough plan. New ideas might emerge. Leave
space for later ideas - and switch to another question. If you are
running out of time divide any time that's left equally between
questions. It's easier to get marks for starting a question than
finishing it. Two half-answered questions will get you more marks
than one which is finished. Leave rough notes for unanswered
questions. You might get some marks for the notes.
Suddenly, you can't remember a well-known name or fact. Don't
waste a lot of time trying to remember it. Just leave a gap in your
writing - then add the item later. Remember to do this when you
check your work at the end.
Get straight to the point. Don't waffle. Stay on the subject. Don't
bring in other subjects. Keep the original question in mind. Show your
knowledge of the subject. Wherever possible, give practical
examples. Give names, dates, facts, and titles. All of these
approaches will help you score extra marks.


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