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english revision

NOUNS---What are nouns? Nouns are names of people or things. For example, "Manchester" and "Kate" are nouns.

What are PRONOUNS? Pronouns replace nouns, to avoid clumsy reptition. E.G. "He" "She" "It" "me" "them"

What are ADJECTIVES? Adjectives tell you more about nouns and pronouns-they are describing words. E.G. "large" "dull" "British"

What are VERBS? Verbs tell you what's happening.They are "doing" words.E.G. "breathe" "Is"

What are ADVERBS? They tell you more about verbs or adjectives.E.G.They usually end "ly"E.G."quickly"

What are CONJUNCTIONS? These join clauses (parts of sentences) together. E.G. "and" "however" "but"

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Types of noun


These are used to name things of a special type.People's names and days of the week are all proper nouns.E.G. Manchester, George, Saturday.These start with a capital letter.


Name ideas or feelings. Happiness,misery,peace,anger,courage,justice are all abstract nouns.


Are groups of things or people.These are collective nouns: audience, class, committee, society, parliament, team.They sound like plurals but they are actually singular.So we say, "the team was pleased" not "the team were pleased"

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