Events leading to the Battle of Hastings 1066

Table of events. 

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1066 - 5 January King edward the confessor Dies
1066 - 6 January Harold Godwinson, earl of Harold crowned on the basis of
Wessex deahtbed nomination.
Acclaimation and designation.
Holds a meeting at Lillebonne
William Duke of Normandy with his barons to invade on the
grounds that Harold has
usurped his rights.
1066 - spring Earl Tostig Raises fleet in Flanders and
raids south coast but is driven
North to Scotland; William
prepares fleet.
1066 - summer King harold Raises raises land and sea forces
made up of local levies to
protect the coast; after four
months of waiting he disbanded
on 8th December.

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William of Normandy Williams fleet sail to mouth of
Somme - perhaps driven by
storm or that he was ready to
cross the channel.
1066 - mid september Tostig and Harold Hardrada Sail into the Humber, plans to
(King of Norway) invade the North.
They were in search of plunder.
Tostig, until 1065 had been the
earl of Northumbria but had
been overthrown.…read more

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October William of Normandy Sailed across the channel
landing in Pevensey, moving
towards Hastings.
6th october Harold Immediately marched to
London, arriving on the 6th.
Paused for a few days.
13-14th October King Harold Arrives near Hastings, Caldebec
14th October King Harold and William Joined for battle.
William defeats Harold and his
two brothers.…read more


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