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1066 - 5 January King edward the confessor Dies

1066 - 6 January Harold Godwinson, earl of Harold crowned on the basis of
Wessex deahtbed nomination.

Acclaimation and designation.

Holds a meeting at Lillebonne
William Duke of Normandy with his barons to invade on the
grounds that…

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1066 - 12 september William of Normandy Williams fleet sail to mouth of
Somme - perhaps driven by
storm or that he was ready to
cross the channel.
1066 - mid september Tostig and Harold Hardrada Sail into the Humber, plans to
(King of Norway) invade the North.

They were…

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27th-28th October William of Normandy Sailed across the channel
landing in Pevensey, moving
towards Hastings.
6th october Harold Immediately marched to
London, arriving on the 6th.

Paused for a few days.
13-14th October King Harold Arrives near Hastings, Caldebec
14th October King Harold and William Joined for battle.



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