Euthanasia notes for RS full course Christianity 

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When someone is helped to die without pain earlier than they would have died naturally.
Voluntary: When someone makes a conscious decision, needs someone's help to do so.
Involuntary: When the person is unable to make a decision, someone else decides whether or not to end
the life. E.g. Coma patients
Active: when something is done to end the life e.g. an overdose of drugs
Passive: When death his brought on by not doing something Turning off the machine.
For Euthanasia Against Euthanasia
Relieves suffering. Christian teaching is of love and Violates sanctity of life-
AGAPE- most loving things to do.
Personal freedom-free will. Job1:21
People have the right to decide how they die. "The lord giveth and the lord taketh away"
Whether we live or not should be decided by God.
Humans were given dominion over all living things
by God (Genesis 1:28) - people can choose.
Bad quality of life - too much pain Corinthians 6:19 "your body is a temple"
Can quickly and humanely end a patient's suffering, A dying patient may not be able to make a rational
allowing them to die with dignity. decision.
Matthew "do unto others as you would have done Euthanasia makes life disposable ­ it could be the
to you" first step on a slippery slope.
Hippocratic Oath: doctors must try to preserve
life. If legalised, relationship of trust between
doctors and patients is destroyed.
Exodus 20 "Thou shall not kill". It is wrong to take
away God's sacred gift of human life.
Jesus healed the sick and helped them, he did not
kill them. We should help others who are suffering,
not kill them.
Roman Catholics:
Accepts using pain killing drugs which may
shorten life
Ordinary treatments (food) must be given but
complicated ones such as operations don't have
to be.
Church of England:
Sanctity of life is important, but, doctors
shouldn't keep patients alive for the sake of it
Church should do all it can to make the elderly
and ill feel important members of society.
Baptist church:

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Against Euthanasia- similar to abortion-do
people have the right to take life away?
When a person is brain dead and experts agree
there isn't any chance of recovery, the patient
can die naturally
Disagree with ways to get death to come more
quickly. E.g. lethal dose of drugs.
Hospice movement:
The strongest argument against euthanasia.
Hospices help people to die with dignity.…read more


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