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Eukaryotic Cell Organelles…read more

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· Found in cytoplasm
· Different amounts in different cells
· Generate most of the cell's ATP
· Used for cell differentiation, cell death and
· Protein based outer membrane allows diffusion
· Inner membrane is highly impermeable to
molecules…read more

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· Fat cells don't have mitochondria
· Matrix is the liquid within the organelle which
contains enzymes
· Respiration happens in the mitochondria…read more

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· Controls eating, movement and reproduction
· Knows what is going on inside the cell
· Not always in the centre, but it can't be too
close to the edge ­ danger of damage
· Appears as a dark spot in the cytoplasm
· Nucleolus in the centre of the nucleus is DNA
· The nucleus is big compared to the nucleolus…read more

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· Spherical shape to give a large volume and a
small surface area
· Pores allow proteins and other molecules in or
out…read more

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· Small cytoplasmic granules in the cytoplasm or
on RER
· 2 types ­ 80S (eukaryotic) and 70S
· 80S are bigger than 70S and have more RNA
molecules and protein molecules
· Has sub-units, one big, one small
· Ribosomes read mRNA…read more

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