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Copy the following compounds and circle the functional group
Hydroxyl (alcohol)
Carboxyl (carboxylic acid)…read more

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L.O. Be able to explain what an ester is,
including structure, naming, and uses
Be able to explain how esters are formed
from carboxylic acids and alcohol, and how
esters are involved in saponification…read more

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In and ester, the H in the carboxyl group is
replaced with an alkyl group
CH3 -- C--O --CH3 = CH3--COO --CH3
ester group…read more

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Esters in Plants
Esters give flowers and fruits their
pleasant fragances and flavors.…read more

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Wait! What's that smell?
ester fragrance
ethyl methanoate raspberries
3-methylbutyl ethanoate pears
ethyl 2-methylbutanoate apples
phenylmethyl ethanoate jasmine
Esters have strong, sweet smells.
Their bouquet is often floral or fruity.
This means they are used in food flavourings &
Also, very good at dissolving organic compounds so
often used as solvents.…read more

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Names of esters
Naming end in ­oate.
Named after alcohol & carboxylic acid from
which they are derived.
O let's name
some esters!
ethyl ethanoate
this part comes from the this part from the acid
alcohol & is named after it and is named after it…read more

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