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Theo Theoretical Perspectives: F Perspectives: Functionalism

Key Ideas:
Key Ideas:
Purpose and Needs
Organismic Analogy Focus on male / female relationships
Consensus Theory (value consensus) Social change = evolutionary.
Social Structure (Macro approach) Laws needed / used to "redress" male / female power imbalance
Social Solidarity Equality of Opportunity for…

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Critical of Capitalism Men socialised into exploitative relationships at work (carry this socialisation over into the home and their
relationship to women).
Key Names:Marx, Althusser, Gramsci, Poulantzas, Milliband, Hall, Taylor, Walton and Young. Do not see men as the "enemy" of women (Radical Feminism)
Emancipation of women only through overthrow…

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Theo Theoretical Perspectives: F Perspectives: Functionalism

Key ideas: Key Ideas:

The Self ("I" and the "Me" Self concept). Culture and Identity (especially identities relating to gender, age, ethnicity)
Meanings and Interpretations Centred and Decentred individuals
Negotiated reality Critical of MetaNarratives (Grand Theories of Society like Marxism)
Symbolic universe of meaning…

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Value freedom Libertarianism

Key Names: Weber, Dahrendorf, Giddens, Haralambos, Goldthorpe / Lockwood Key Names: Hayek, Friedman, Thatcher, Reagan, Wilson, Van Den Haag. P.Morgan, Phillips.




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