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How far do you agree that divisions within the women's movement were the most important factor hindering the attainment of
gender equality in the USA in the period from 1865 to 1992?

Introduction: Say divisions were important (not committed to cause- HOW important?). Introduce other factors like the government,

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Assess the view that the Second World War was the most significant turning point in the quest for women's rights between 1865
and 1992

Intro: WW2 made clear for many women that they wanted to remain in paid employment rather than return to their domestic life. So this
boosted the…

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To what extent was feminism a significant force in enabling women to gain civil rights and increase opportunities for women between 1865 and

Intro: Feminism was a significant force but there were other factors that hold equal importance/ perhaps more. Women failed to unite their movement to
successfully pursue…


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