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Structure of enzymes
Enzymes that act inside cells-intracellular e.g hydrolases, ATPase
Enzymes that act outside cells-extracellular e.g. Amylase
Globular proteins that have a tertiary structure
3D structure with hydrophobic amino acid R-group in the centre of
the ball and hydrophobic amino acids R-group side chains…read more

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The active site
Hundreds of amino acids maintain the specific shape of
the active site ­individual to enzyme
Allows substrate to fit in perfectly in active site by bonds
between substrate and some of the R-groups of the
enzymes amino acid
Enzyme-substrate complex
Enzyme only act on one type of substrate because
shape of active shape will only allow one shape of
molecule to fit. Like a key fitting into a lock…read more

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Shape of active site changes slightly to hold
substrate in right position for reaction to
Interaction between R group and atoms of
substrate can cause the substrate molecule
to split or join together…read more

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org/ocr/biology_1/animation/884…read more

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