English Revision - Important quotes from Betjeman's poems - theme:childhood

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William Blake
Introduction `on a cloud I saw a child'
`I stained the water clear'
The Echoing Green `our sports shall be seen on the echoing green'
`they laugh at our play'
`no more can be merry, the sun does descend'
The Schoolboy `it drives all joy away'
`little ones spend the day in sighing and dismay'
`how can a bird that is born for joy sit in a cage and
A Cradle Song `sweet dreams of pleasant streams'
`hover over my delight'
Holy Thursday `walking two by two in red and blue and green'
`multitudes of lambs'
Nurse's Song `laughing is heard on the hill...my heart is at rest within
my breast'
`well, well go and play till the light fades away'
`little ones leaped and shouted and laughed'
Infant Joy `I am but two days old'
`I happy am joy is my name'
`sweet joy befall thee'
Holy Thursday `in a rich and fruitful land...'
`it is a land of poverty!'
`their ways are filled with thorns...it is eternal winter
The Chimney Sweeper `little black thing among the snow'
`[parents] taught me to sing the notes of woe'
`god and his priest and king...make up a heaven of
our misery'
Nurse's Song `my face turns green and pale'
`dews of night arise'
`your spring and your day are wasted in play...your
winter and night in disguise.'

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Infant Sorrow `into the dangerous world I leapt'
`struggling in my father's hands'
`bound and weary'
`sulk upon my mother's breast'
John Betjeman
Trebetherick `sand in the sandwiches, wasps in the tea'
`waves full of treasure...we waited for the wreckage'
`blessed be...'
`all the happy days you gave'
Original Sin on the Sussex `even at nine a perfect gentleman'
Coast `plumb in the tummy'
`crack against the column of my spine'
`does mum...…read more


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