English Revision - Important quotes from Betjeman's poems - theme:society and the city

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William Blake
The Schoolboy ° `it drives all joy away'
° `little ones spend the day in sighing and dismay'
° `how can a bird that is born for joy sit in a cage a
The Echoing Green ° `our sports shall be seen on the echoing green'
° `they laugh at our play'
° `no more can be merry, the sun does descend'
Holy Thursday ° `walking two by two in red and blue and green'
° `multitudes of lambs'
Holy Thursday ° `in a rich and fruitful land...'
° `it is a land of poverty!'
° `their ways are filled with thorns...it is eternal winte
The Chimney Sweeper ° `little black thing among the snow'
° `[parents] taught me to sing the notes of woe'
° `god and his priest and king...make up a heaven o
London ° `chartered street'
° `marks of weakness, marks of woe'
° `mind forged manacles'
° `youthful harlot's curse...blights with plagues the m
John Betjeman
Slough ° `Come, friendly bombs and fall on slough'
° `tinned minds, tinned breath'
° `peroxide hair...synthetic air'
° `get it ready for the plough. The cabbages are coming
now the earth exhales.'

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Westminster Abbey ° `Gracious Lord, oh bomb the Germans...don't bomb me
° `I'll come to evening service whensoever I have the time
° `Now, dear Lord, I cannot wait because I have a luncheon
Business Girls ° `precarious bathrooms...frail partitions'
° `rest you there, poor unbelov'd ones'
° `lap your loneliness in heat'
Executive ° `I am a young executive.…read more


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