AQA Literature Poems Revision (for most poems)

Revision notes on what i have been taught, may differ to what you have been taught. Notes are on : Sonnet 130, Hticher, Havisham, Anne Hathaway, Kid, Mother Any Distance... (A nameless poem), The Song of the Old Mother and On My First Sonne.

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English Literature Poems

Sonnet 130


Uncomplimentary ­ loves her for being a human with faults, she is not perfect but he loves her
because of that. Shakespeare is not lying about how she is and feels genuine love for her.

Mocks clichéd language ­ e.g. "My mistress' eyes are…

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English Literature Poems



In modern life violent crime is becoming more common ­ everyday stresses causes violence

Certain relationships can never get on. The wound up, violent speaker and the "hippie" character, for
example, cannot. Complete opposites have clash of personalities and may never get on. Jealousy

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English Literature Poems


Thin line between love/hate, Almost two sides of the same coin, but there is an extreme contrast
and you can go from one to the other very quickly.
Possible to hate someone but to love them at some time

Very few people have an easy/straight…

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English Literature Poems

Anne Hathaway


Sexual intimacy important ­ brings her and her love (Shakespeare) together.

Exploiting the meta-language (language that describes) ­ using what her husband did (writer) to
show intimacy. Language shows their intimacy

Memories of her husband still live in her head even though he is…

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English Literature Poems



Growing up makes us see people in a different way. We see weaknesses and shortcoming etc. Loss
of innocence, the world is seen through more critical eyes.
Clash ­ Adult vs. Emerging Adult

Heroes eventually lose their hero status ­ we enjoy downfall ­ darker…

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English Literature Poems

Simon Armitage (Nameless Poem) Mother, any distance...


Metaphor of tape measure ­ shows relationship between mother and son ­ mother at zero-end
shows us her sadness, will be left with nothing when her son departs. Also shows son recognises her
importance ­ she gave him life.…

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English Literature Poems

The Song of the Old Mother


Old age ­ Old people should be pitied because they are taken for granted by younger people. Not
appreciated by younger generation.
Alternatively showing us the unattractive side of old people ­ always complaining about younger
people and feeling hard…

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English Literature Poems

On my First Sonne


Shows bond between parent/child

Starts talking of his loss & misery/suffering.

"Thou child of my right hand" The loss is profound; lost part of himself.

Close relationships can cuase joy but can cause pain. He became too close to his son and…

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English Literature Poems

brought happiness to people.

Fully rhyming couplets ­ suggests that things are now completed ­ he realizes his son's life is over
and a new phase of his life will have to start, without his son. Also completed in the sense that he
now fully accepts that…


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