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Persuasive Writing…read more

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How would you persuade
someone to do....
( or not to do )
something, or to buy an
item or service?…read more

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When writing something which is intended
to persuade, there are several
features to remember.…read more

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Checklist For Persuasive Writing
Open with a statement of the issue being addressed.
State your position on the issue.
Main body of text contains the arguments that are elaborated
with reasons and evidence ( facts ).
End with a summary.…read more

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Language Features
Use mainly the present tense.
Use logical and cause and effect
Use emotive language.
Use technical language.
Use rhetorical questions.
Dare the reader to disagree.
Try to make opinions sound like facts.
Use powerful verbs and strong adjectives.…read more

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Read the following text, looking for
the elements of persuasive writing
which we have outlined.…read more

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Preview of page 7

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