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English Literature Past Question practise
Of Mice and Men
1) Choose two characters from the list below, say why you think they are important in the novel and how Steinbeck presents the:
Candy; Crooks; Curley; Curley's wife; Slim
2) Of Mice and Men has been described `as nearly perfect as any book can be'. How do you respond to the novel as a whole?
Write about:
how you respond to the novel
how Steinbeck makes you respond by the ways he writes.
3) Read the first 5 paragraphs of chapter 6, from "The deep green pool" to "among the reeds at the pool's side", and answer the question that follows.
Write about:
the ways the writer uses detail in this passage to make the reader think about the characters, events and ideas in the novel
the ways the writer uses details in this passage to prepare the reader for the ending.
4) Many readers find that Of Mice and Men is a sad book. How far do you agree?

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As nearly as perfect as any book
Brings together the reality of many different aspects of 1930's life. Segregation,
Shows life in the 1930's
Shows how hard it is to get your dreams
Theme of friendship and companionship show
3. Events :
The death of the snake is similar to that of Lennies. It escaped at the beginning, just like Lennie, but the past catches up with
both of them.
The lead up to Lennies death
Pathetic fallacy is used to describe the dream.…read more

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