Elizabeth I: timeline of Foreign Affairs

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Elizabeth I: Foreign Affairs timeline ­
Scotland, France, Spain, Netherlands, Ireland
1541 Henry VIII declared King of Ireland by Act of Parliament
1559 Death of Henry II of France: accession of Francis II and MQS
Rebellion of the Lords of the Congregation
1560 English troops sent to Edinburgh
Treaty of Edinburgh: French and English troops withdrew from Scotland
1561 Mary Stuart returns to Scotland from France
Sussex campaigns against Shane O'Neill in Ireland
1562 Treaty of Hampton Court with Huguenots, Le Havre occupied by English troops
1564 Treaty of Troyes: ended English armed hostilities with France
1565 MQS married Lord Darnley
1566 Dutch Revolt - major rebellion against Spanish in the Netherlands
Murder of Riccio
MQS gives birth to James Stuart ­ future King of Scotland and England
1567 Lord Darnley murdered
MQS married Earl of Bothwell
MQS forced to renounce throne in favour of her infant son James
Shane O'Neill killed
1568 England seizes Spanish Bullion - intended to pay Duke of Alva's army in Netherlands
MQS flees to England
1569 Suspension of Anglo-Spanish trade
Norfolk/MQS marriage plot
1570 Pope Pius V excommunicates Elizabeth
1571 Ridolfi Plot discovered
1572 St Bartholomew's Day massacre by Duke of Guise
First marriage negotiations of Elizabeth and Alençon begin
Treaty of Blois
1573 Treaty of Nymegen: trade resumes between Spain and England

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Failure of Smith's Ulster plantation
1576 Sacking of Antwerp ­ the "Spanish Fury"
Pacification of Ghent
1577 Perpetual Edict: Spanish army temporarily withdraw from Netherlands
1578 Duke of Parma's victory at the Battle of Gembloux
1579 Fitzmaurice and Sander land in Smerwick, triggering uprisings in Ireland
1581 Elizabeth fund Anjou (previously Alençon) to intervene against Spain in Netherlands
1585 Treaty of Nonsuch: Elizabeth sends troops under Leicester to Netherlands
1586 Babington Plot discovered
1587 MQS executed
1588 Defeat of the Armada
1589 Accession of Henry…read more


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