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Elections and voting
By Muna Abdi…read more

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Electoral system
All federal positions are elected using the first
pass the post system.
Advantages Disadvantages
·Easy ,simple and speedy for voters ·Third parties aren't able to win
·Strong government ­one party ·Wasted votes ­votes for other
always has majority candidates don't mean anything
·Reduces participation-some have no
chance…read more

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Electoral college
It is the institution established by the founding
fathers to elect the president .it was a
safeguard against popular passion
Each state is awarded a certain number of
electoral college votes-this number is equal to
the number of senators plus the number of
representative a state has.
Whichever candidate wins the most popular
vote in a state wins all the ECVs in that a state
except for Maine and Nebraska…read more

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Total electoral college votes = 538 =100
senators + 435 representatives +3 for DC
To become president you have to win 270
electoral college votes…read more

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Gives a voice to small states ­upholds
Gives the president a secure mandate to
govern ­promotes a two horse race ­this
ensures a strong government
Ensures widespread support ­candidates
must have depth and breadth of support .e.
g. Perrot's failure in 1992 to gain sufficient to
win any electoral college votes.…read more

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Overrepresentation of small states- causes
huge disparities in the level of
representations between states .this means
larger states are underrepresented .
E.g. if California was represented on an equal
scale to Wyoming it would have 205 ECVs
rather than 55 it currently has.…read more

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Old Sir


A very useful outline of the US system for electing a president, showing strengths, weaknesses with a critique and some interesting evidence which offers lines of further reading.

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