Edward VI 1547-1553

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  • Edward VI 1547-1553
    • 1547
      • Henry's will - succession is Edward, Mary, Elizabeth (then Lady Jane Grey if all his children die without heirs)
        • Accession of Edward VI.
      • Somerset becomes Lord Protector.
        • Bribes the other councillors into submission, removes Wriothesly from office, imprisons Norfolk and executes Norfolk's son
      • Renewal of war with Scotland and France.
        • Costly defeat.
      • Seymour grants himself Dukedom.
      • 3,400 chantries, 900 colleges, 110 hospitals dissolved.
    • 1549
      • The Western Rebellion.
        • Resistance to Somerset's religious reforms.
        • Underestimated by Somerset.
        • Put down by Lord Russell.
      • Kett's Rebellion.
        • Mainly for economic reasons.
        • 16,000 men outside Norwich, capture the city in an organised, peaceful movement.
        • Put down brutally by 6,000 men led by Earl of Warwick (Dudley, later Duke of Northumberland)
        • Kett executed, his forces destroyed.
      • Act of Uniformity, First Prayer Book.
        • English and Traditional.
        • Cranmer cautious.
        • Has to be passed through House of Lords.
      • Rebellions undermine Somerset and make him appear weak.
    • 1550
      • Northumberland made Lord President.
      • Peace made with France and Scotland.
      • Conservative faction persuade Somerset to leave.
      • Conservatives try in vain to persuade Mary to become regent, so win over Earl of Warwick (Duke of Northumberland).
      • Dudley elevates himself to Duke of Northumberland
      • Northumberland fills council with reformers to replace fallen Conservatives.
      • Edward begins to appear at council.
      • Sale of Boulogne to France - 2nd last French territory.
        • Bad for Tudor perspective, but saves money on defences and gives the crown £150,000 (a years revenue)
    • 1552
      • Second Edwardian Prayer book issued.
        • More Protestant.
      • Edward orders Somerset's execution.
      • Act of 42 Articles.
        • Written by Cranmer
        • More Protestant than Henry's 6 Articles.
    • 1553
      • Death of Edward.
      • Lady Jane Grey made Queen.
      • Edward writes the Istrument of Device
        • Changes succession to Lady Jane Grey.
    • 1548
      • Debasement, rise in population, rising crime and vagrancy.
      • Somerset introduces an unsuccessful Act preventing enclosure.


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