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Education and Theories
What do the different theories have to say about education?

Marxist, focus on class
Feminists, interested in gender
Functionalists would not blame the system but believe in meritocracy
Interpretivists are interested in the interactions between students and peers and
teachers in the classroom and how teachers label…

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The system seems not only neat but one of the first examples of equal opportunities
in educational policy.

Comprehensive Education
The idea was that, by abolishing the 11 plus and establishing schools that would take
children of all abilities, discrimination, at least in terms of social class, would disappear.

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Ostrowski has power and authority over malcolms education and therefore his advice should
have determined malcolms future and lead to a self fulfilling prophecy. However Malcolm was
able to reject the label. He did this by doing the opposite of what his teacher told him. He had
access to evidence…

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2) Middle class ­ Grammar Schools

3) Working class
Elementary schools for the poor
Stopped at age 10
Were taught the three R's which are reading, writing and arithmetic
And where taught the correct values

The point was not meritocracy it was an ascribed status, a closed system. The ascribed…


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