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Sociology ­ Education

Topic Name/Perspective Idea
Social class Feinstein Reason for failure= w/c parents lack
EXTERNAL FACTORS of interest (unlikely to give
Cultural deprivation educational toys/activities or read to
them)> begin school at
Reason 2= m/c parents tend to be
better educated + socialise children
into thinking positively about…

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Dunne & Gazely Teachers have low expectations of
w/c pupils + labelled parents as
uninterested / m/c parents =
Rist Teachers place `fast learners' at
front of class > m/c fast learners get
more help and encouragement
Selffulfilment Rosenthal & Jacobsen Fake IQ test > tell teacher 20% =…

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Girls changing Sharpe Compared interviews > 1970s = low
ambitions aspirations + saw success as
unfeminine + wanted marriage +
children more 1990s = see future as
independent woman + want career
more than being dependent on
Identity and class Archer W/c girls achieve status from peers
by being…

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Paetcher Sport = male gender domain > if
girls enjoy, they are seen as butch so
opt for other subjects
Double standards Lee Boys boast about sexual
experiences/girls negatively labelled
for same behaviour
Verbal abuse Paetcher Namecalling shapes identitites as
labelling others can control their
identity (gay)

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assumptions about minority pupils
(leave out of discussions/don't
challenge them as they assume they
don't understand English well)
Pupil identities Archer Minority pupils lack characteristics
of a teachers ideal pupil
Pupil responses + Mirza When black girls experience teacher
subcultures racism > they tried to avoid
negative consequences of their…

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Davis & Moore Role allocation school assesses
(functionalist) abilities + makes sure most
important roles in society are filled
with most talented people
Althusser Bourgeoisie maintain class division
(marxist) through Repressive State Apparatus
(power through threat of
forcepolice) and Ideological State
Apparatus (control proletariats
beliefs through social institutions
like education)…

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