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Revision on the New Right role of
Key theorists of the New Right
John Chubb and Terry Moe
SCLY2 ­ Education…read more

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John Chubb and Terry
Moe (1990)
· Propose a system in which each family would
be given a voucher to spend on buying
education from a school of their own
particular choice.…read more

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New Right ­ what do they believe
about education?
There are two roles for the state they are;
1. Imposes a framework on schools within
which they have to complete.
2. State ensure schools transmit a shared
· Believe that the curriculum should emphasis
Britain's positive role in world history.…read more

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How is New right perspective
similar to Functionalist?
1. Both believe that some people are naturally
more talented than others.
2. Both believe education should socialise pupils
into shared values such as competitions to
enable them to have a sense of identity.
3. Favour education systems that run on
meritocratic principles of open competition
aswell as ones that serve the needs of the
economy by preparing young people for work.…read more

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Key difference between New
Right and Functionalist
· New right don't believe that the current
educational system is achieving its goals.
· Identify that the reason for its failure in
their view is because its run from the
state.…read more

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One size fits all approach
· The local consumers who use the school such as
parents, pupils aswell as employers have no say or
input in the educational system.
· Schools in which waste money or have poor
results are not answerable to their consumers.
Which means that pupils potentially have lower
standards of achievement.
· We cannot just say that one working fits all we
need to balance it out for each child's learning.…read more

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