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Edgar Allen Poe is a master of the Gothic genre. How does he create a sense of
horror in his readers in `The Black Cat' and `The TellTale Heart'? Jacqueline Warren

Edgar Allen Poe has a vivid imagination which fuels his ability to create horrific
stories. `The Black Cat' and…

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continues through the story to reaffirm he is using flawless logic the contradiction generates
disbelief within the readers.

He also denies he is mad by claiming it is just a disease that has `sharpened his
senses', thus a particular emphasis is put upon his acute hearing where he claims he…

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`perfect triumph'. The macabre arrogance and sense of achievement is shortlived as he
soon `fancies a ringing in his ears' and become pale, suffering symptoms of illness. The rapid
mood change illustrates once again his lack of control and insanity.

In addition to rapid mood changes, Poe also mixes tenses…

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Poe selects his words carefully to change the mood of the story to describe the
horrific crimes, he uses the strong verb `seize'. His loathing of the cat is described as
`unutterable', this polysyllabic word puts extra emphasis on his intense hatred.

The murder of the narrator's wife is brutally…

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including `a monkey' which is unusual however he makes carnage of his beloved cat. This
perverseness is distressing for the readers although the primitive reflex of disobedience is at
the heart of the way we all behave, the extreme of the man's actions makes the story horrific.

Animal abuse is…


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