Bloody Chamber Context

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  • Angela Carter and the Bloody Chamber Context
    • Her life
      • Translations of Charles Perrault's fairytales 'Histoires ou Contes de temps Passe' published 1977
      • Married Paul Carter at 19, left for Japan and had an affair w/ Sozo Araki. Divorced Paul and married Mark Pearce
        • Experience in Japan: 1969 Student Protests, sexism and Kabuki Theatre
      • Relationship with her mother strained: spoilt her and indulged her appetite
        • 10/11 she wasn't allowed to go the bathroom alone
        • socially conservative parents
          • Second Wave feminism
            • Women empowered to work beyond the home
            • equal pay
    • The Bloody Chamber
      • Marquis based on Marquis de Sade - Carter wrote a critical essay on his work 'The Sadeian Woman' 1979
        • the Castle is a link to Sade's cannibal Minski, torture chamber, lake surrounded castle and captive virgins
      • Calla-headed funereal lilies and links to Georgia O'keffe
      • Based on Bluebeard, links to fatal effects of female curiosity
      • French Revolution and guillotine context
      • Mark of Cain (Hawthorne's 'The Scarlett Letter' 1850
    • The Courtship of Mr Lyon
      • Beauty and the Beast 1740 Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve
      • Tipu's tiger and colonial imagery
    • The Tiger's Bride
      • 1971 Anne Sexton's 'Transformations'
    • Puss-in-Boots
      • Stock types of the commedia dell'arte
      • Links to Rossini's opera 'the barber of Seville' and Figaro (title character) he helps a count win the heart of a woman
        • Masculine narrative voice
    • The Erl-King
      • Based on a German legend of a goblin haunting the Black Forest
    • The Snow Child
      • Based on an unpublished version of Grimm's tale in which Snow White is the product of her father's desire rather than her mothers
      • Edgar Allen Poe's Raven
    • The Lady of the House of Love
      • Imagined by Carter after watching a Dostoyevsky story as a movie
      • First began as a 1976 radio play 'Vampirella'
      • The Lady of Shallot's mirror
      • Tarot: La Morte (death), Les Amoureux (lovers), La Tower abolie (ruined tower)
      • Roses representing the blood of Christ, the fall + original sin, death and matrydom
    • The Werewolf
      • Throw clothes back at them to make them shift into human form
      • Peter 'the wild boy' 1725 found in a German forest and 'adopted' by George I as a pet
    • The Company of Wolves
      • Became a film in a Chinese box structure
      • "What else can you expect if you talk to strange men, comments Perrault briskly" - Carter
    • Wolf-Alice
      • Based on an early medieval Red Riding Hood, 'De puella a lupellis seruata'
      • Victor of Aveyron, French feral boy caught in 1797
      • Carter's experience with religion reflected in the nuns 'Holy Family Album'


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