tell tale heart

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In the story the tell tale heart, the author Edgar Allen Poe uses multiple elements to create a gothic  setting in the tell tale heart. 3 of the main elements are violence, darkness and tension. this story is about a mad man who kills another man and driven by guilt eventually admits the deed to the police. 

Firstly Poe uses violence to create a gothic setting. He does this by how he makes the narroter disfigure the body by "First of all [he] disembered the corpse. [then  our narrator] cut off the head and the arms and  the legs." here our narrattor ephisises how "gone"  he is and commits violent actions that no sane person could do. also Poe gives a detailed explanation of how destroyed this corpse is as to make us readers more disgusted by the narrators violence. Next the narrator ephisises how carefull and cunning he is when we fnd that how "there was nothing to wash out - no


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