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Business Studies
Unit 1.4…read more

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Customer Focus…read more

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The consumer is the most important focus for a business
Businesses must provide good customer service to
increase their chances of repeat business
This will also spread good `word of mouth' and give the
business a good reputation…read more

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The Marketing Mix…read more

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The Marketing Mix
In order to meet the customer's needs a business must use
the Marketing Mix:
This means:
Sell them products that they want
Charge a price that they are willing to pay
Make them available in the right place
Make them aware by using promotion…read more

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The Product Life-Cycle
This assumes that all products follow a similar pattern
· Sales are · Sales are
low falling
· Profits will · Profits
be negative continue to
fall and may
· Sales increase rapidly · Sales reach their highest point
· Profits will reach their highest · Profits begin to fall as
point at the end of this stage competition increases…read more

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