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By: Tomoko & Preaw…read more

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Deviated from Biological
Starter Activity: RECAP BIOLOGICAL
In pairs can you match up the assumptions of
the biological approach with the explanations
as to how it would explain abnormality.…read more

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Electro-convulsive therapy
Introduced by Cerletti and Bini (1938)
The basic idea is passing electricity through
the non-dominant hemisphere of a patient's
brain with electrodes, producing a seizure
similar to the epileptic fit
Used to help patients who suffer from
schizophrenia or severely depressed patients
who are unresponsive to drug treatment
It may affect particular neurotransmitters
improvement in symptoms…read more

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Electro-Convulsive Therapy…read more

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10-15 minutes for preparation
IV inserted in the arm with anesthetic injected
into the bloodstream
Muscle relaxant is also injected into the IV(to
prevent violent convulsions)
Electrodes placed on/into head: unilateral or
Electric current passed through electrodes to
brain (70-130 volts) for 30-60 seconds…read more

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Unilateral ECT
Placing both electrodes on one side of the temple
Preferable if:
Rate of improvement not so critical
Person has responded well to unilateral treatment in
the pass
Usually placed on the `non-dominant' side of the brain…read more

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