Biological therapies - ECT

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  • Biological therapies - ECT
    • generally used for severely depressed patients whom psychotherapy and drug medication have proved ineffective
    • How?
      • a small amount of electric current (lasting about half a second) is passed through the brain
        • the current produces a seizure whch affects the whole brain
    • Why?
      • ECT causes changes in the way the brain works, but there is a disagreement about the exact effects that lead to improvement
        • ECT affects the action of neurotransmitters, so recovery from depression mar be a consequence of improving communication between different parts of the brain
    • Evaluation
      • Strengths
        • ECT can save lives - ECT can be an effective treatment, particularly in cases of severe depession
        • Effectiveness - Comer states that 60-70% of ECT patients improve after treatment
      • Limitations
        • side effects - possible side effects include impaired memory, cardiovascular problems and headaches


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