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Durkheim…read more

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Durkheim was a functionalist. Functionalists believe
that society is a system of interdependent parts, held
together by a shared culture.
Each part of society , such as the family , economy or
the education system preforms functions to help
maintain society as a whole.
Functionalist have a consensus perspective.…read more

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Durkheim felt that society needs a sense of `social
solidarity' , it's members must be a `single body'.
Without social solidarity , social life would be impossible as
everybody would pursue their own desires.
Education system helps create a social solidarity by
transmitting society's culture from one generation to the
next.…read more

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Durkheim believes school is a society in miniature as
children learn to interact with others and they follow set
rules which prepare them to become adult
members of society.
A lot of the things that they learn don't get taught in
lessons which is known as the `hidden curriculum'.
They also begin to accept social rules which shows that
they value consensus.…read more

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Durkheim say's the education system teach pupils
specialist skills and knowledge that they need to be able
play their part in the social division of labour.
(Vocational education and training)
This promotes social solidarity as we have to work
together to keep society peaceful.
Although for this to be successful each person must have
the necessary skills and knowledge to perform the role.…read more


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