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Functionalist New Right

Chubb & Moe believed
that state education has
failed to provide
Durkheim-Social solidarity Davis and Moore-role ·equal opportunity
refers to the integration, type of allocation ·Pupils with the skills
integration societies ensure that the
shown by a society or group with most important needed for the economy…

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Key term Definition Sociologist

Value consensus An agreement on cultural norms and values. Parsons
This is when bonds between people and institutions in society
create a sense of commitment and belonging to society, beyond
Social Solidarity Durkheim
individual needs and backgrounds allow for a sense of
togetherness and stability.

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The concept of the hidden curriculum was originally a critical Marxist term.
Now feminists use it in a critical way and teachers in a neutral way.

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Key term Definition Sociologist
Marketisation The policy of introducing market forces of Miriam David
of education supply and demand into areas run by the state,
such as education and the NHS.
Parentocracy `Rule by parents' ­ this concept is associated Miriam David
with marketised education systems which are
based on…

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The study of Paul
Willis & the lads
whom found the effect
of counter school
subcultures. He argues
there is a similarity
between the anti-
school subculture and
poor male workers.

Tiffany George - Fontaine

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Key Term Definition Sociologist

The correspondence Bowles and Gintis's theory that various Bowles & Gintis
principle aspects of economic production have
corresponding features with the
education system (4 aspects).
Legitimisation of class Stopping working class form rebelling Bowles & Gintis
inequalities against the system responsible for it.
Reproduction of class…

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Tiffany George - Fontaine


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