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Drugs in sport
By jamie ranger and lewis ginty…read more

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Performance ­enhancing drugs
· Drugs that help athletes to perform to an
even higher standard.
· Examples of these are ;
Stimulants they increase physical
alertness and confidence
E.G Caffine
Side effects aggression and anxiety…read more

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Anabolic steroids
· Train harder for longer which increases
strength and power
· This can cause acne and aggression
· Example testosterone…read more

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Narcotic analgesics
· Reduce the feeling of pain
· Side effects addiction , vomiting, loss of
· Example of these are morphine and
codeine (pain killers)…read more

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· quick weight loss, can make weight for
specific categories.
· Urine passed quicker, can remove
evidence of drugs
Side effects dehydration and nausea
Example bendrofluazide…read more

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Beta blockers
· Calm and relaxing effect
Side effects tiredness and low blood
An example propranolol…read more

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