Drought Case Studies

Includes 2 drought case studies. Basic facts, Cause & impacts

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African Drought 2006
Basic Facts
Eastern Africa & the horn of Africa
5 years of very low rainfall
Population had doubled in 30 years
10% faced starvation (3 .5 million)
Tens of thousands of livestock killed.
Between 2001 and 2006 the eastern area of Africa and the horn of Africa
received lower than average rainfall. This culminated in a very severe drought
in 2006.
3.5 million faced starvation
Kenyan red cross society launched a relief program in which they
bought and slaughtered cattle and goats and gave the meat back to the
communities. Ensuring that they had both food to eat and money to
spend on other resources.
Mobile health clinics used to treat and educate people on hygiene.
At the end of 2006, the region had 3 months of heavy rain in some
areas 85,000 were evacuated and 300,000 isolated . An outbreak of Rift
valley fever also happened meaning total restriction on livestock

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California Drought 2007
Basic Facts
Some places received only 25% of normal rainfall.
Snowfall in the sierra Nevada, which supplies much of Californians
drinking water, was lower than normal
The Colorado river experienced its 6th
year in 7 of below average
High humidity and temperatures above 90 degree Fahrenheit in October ­
November 2007
7 deaths ( Mass evacuation had occurred)
Homes, Businesses & infrastructure destroyed
Parts of the state lost power.…read more


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