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Domestic Violence
The Women's Aid Federation (2008) defines domestic violence as:
`Physical, psychological, sexual or financial violence that takes place within
an intimate or familytype relationship and forms a pattern of coercive and
controlling behaviour. It may involve patterns ex
Partners, household members or other relatives.
A common view of…

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For radical feminists, widespread domestic violence is an inevitable feature of patriarchal society and
serves to preserve the power that all men have over all women. Furthermore, in their view, male
domination of state institutions helps to explain the reluctance of the police and courts to deal
effectively with cases…

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Suggest reasons why poorer families are more likely to end up in the child abuse statistics than
betteroff families.

Wilkinson: Domestic violence, inequality and stress
Richard Wilkinson (1996) offers an explanation of these patterns. He sees domestic violence as the
result of stress on family members caused by social inequality.…


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