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1. Suggest two reasons for why domestic violence is not simply the behaviour of a few
psychologically disturbed individuals.

Mirrels Black (1999) conducted a survey of 16000 people estimating that there are 6.6 million
domestic assaults every year, half of them involving physical violence. In addition to this the…

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4. Examine the patterns of, and reasons for, domestic violence in society. (24 marks)

Domestic violence is the view of violence directed towards your spouse or domestic partner usually
violence by men against women. Occurring, within a family, including wife beating, child abuse and
violence against men by women in…

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The radical feminist approach to domestic violence suggests that the institution of marriage and
family is the main source of a women's oppression due to the dominance of patriarchy. Radical
feminists also argue that men threaten women with domestic violence to uphold their authority over
the women. Kate Millet (1970)…

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females is because males believe they are superior and the females are subordinate therefore if the
female was to question his authority or challenge it, it would result in domestic violence.

Although there is high levels of domestic abuse in households many females tend to ignore this and
remain with…


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