Domestic Violence and Abuse...

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  • Domestic violence and abuse...
    • Types and definition
      • Violence and abuse perpetrated  by one adult partner against another.
      • May include sexual, physical, emotional and financial  abuse.
      • Generalized as domestic abuse
    • Extent of domestic violence and abuse
      • BCS - 4 in every 1000 women suffer from domestic violence. 2 men in every 1000 also suffer from domestic violence.
      • Nazroo (1999) domestic violence from men to women is treated as being more serious than domestic violence from women to men.
    • Explanations for domestic violence and abuse
      • Feminism
        • Radical feminists say that domestic violence results from the patriarchal society.
        • The nature of masculinity - men result to violence when they feel they are losing control over women.
      • Dysfunctional Families
        • New Right - violence stems from the instability of cohabitation and divorce.
      • Emotional Intensity and Family Life
        • Mixture of strong love and hate emotion that form in the family resulting in domestic abuse.
          • This intensity is caused by the nuclear family becoming more isolated from extended kinship.


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