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1. Why do people divorce?
Fi n a n cDivorc
i a l i ssues
Specific disagreements e.g.
Don't like e a c h o t h er anymore
how to raise a child
eor is it wrong?
2. Is divorce okay
Okay Wrong…read more

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The first stage where
you fill a form in to
Petition request a divorce. 7 in
10 of these come from
Order by a court of law
stating the date on which the
marriage will end unless a Decree Nisi
good reason not to grant a
divorce is produced.
The final order officially
Decree ending the marriage. It
Absolute enables either party to
Takes 6 months and costs £8000 on
average…read more

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Divorce Rate ­ the number of divorces per 1000 married couples…read more

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Numerous laws have made divorce more accessible:
1857 ­ Divorce is made possible. Prior to this, you couldn't get a divorce unless you
were extremely rich and made up a service for yourself which did it for you. Men
were the main ones allowed to divorce, women had to prove he had done
something terrible to get a divorce
1923 ­ Women are allowed to divorce on equal grounds to men
1949 ­ Legal Aid introduced which provided financial help for poor people wanting a
1969 ­ Divorce is made legal simply for `irretrievable breakdown', you no longer
have to prove you were abuse or your partner was cheating, you can just say you
don't like each other anymore
1984 ­ Divorce is made legal after just one year of marriage, it was three prior to this…read more

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Divorce Rate ­ the number of divorces per 1000 married couples…read more

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Decline in Stigma
Mitchell and Goody found that there has
been a rapid decrease in stigma since the
1960 and this has made people more
willing to divorce. This is partially due to
the media.
Church scandals and a general disbelief
in religion has further made people more
willing and more accepting of divorce…read more

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