Displacement explained, using examples

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Displacement Rosie
Test Observation Inference
1. Add a few drops of It gets darker The less reactive solution is
chlorine water to 1cm³ being pushed out. Chlorine is
of potassium bromide higher than bromide in the
solution in a test tube. periodic table so potassium
bromide would be potassium
chloride with bromide *
2. Add a few drops of It gets darker Again the less reactive solution
chlorine water to 1cm³ is being pushed put. Potassium
of potassium iodide chloride is made and iodine**
solution in a test tube.
3. Add a few drops of It gets darker Iodine is pushed out and
bromine water to 1cm³ replaced with bromine because
of potassium iodide it is lower in the periodic table.
solution in a test tube.
4. Add a few drops of It stays the same Iodine is lower than chlorine so
iodine solution to 1cm³ no displacement has happened.
of potassium chloride
solution in a test tube.
*Potassium Bromide + Chlorine potassium chloride + Bromine
**Potassium iodide + chlorine potassium chloride + iodine
Halogens Reactivity Colour
Fluorine (F) Most reactive Light
Chlorine ( Cl)
Bromine ( Br)
Iodine (I) Least reactive Dark


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