displacement reactions show reactivity trends

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  • displacement reactions show reactivity trends
    • you can use displacement reactions to show the reactivity trend of the halogens.
    • 1. start by measuring out a small amount of a halide salt solution in a test tube.
    • 2. add a few drops of a halogen solution to it and shake the tube gently.
    • 3. if you see a color change, then a reaction has happened - the halogen has displaced the halide ions from the salt. if no reaction happens, there won't be a color change.
    • 4. repeat the process using different combinations of halide salt and hygrogen.
    • 5. the table below shows what should happen when you mix different combinations of chlorine, bromine and iodine water solutions of the salts potassium chloride, potassium bromide and potassium iodide.
    • 6. chlorine displaces both bromine and iodine from salt solutions. Bromine can't displace chlorine, but it does displace iodine. Iodine can't displace chlorine or bromine.
    • 7. this shows the reactivity trend - the halogens get less reactive as you go down the group.


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