chemistry group 7

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  • Chemistry
    • group 7 the halogens
      • chlorine,fluorine,bromine and iodine
        • as you go down the table less reactive they come.
          • fluorine is the most reactive element of all in group 7
            • fluorine reacts with almost anything instantly
            • chlorine reacts with heated iron wool very quickly
            • bromine has to be warmed and the iron wool heated the reaction is faster
            • iodine has to be heated strongly and so does the iron wool the reaction is slow
            • the most reactive halogen displaces all of the other halogens from solutions of their salts and is itself displaced by none of the others
            • the least reactive halogen displaces none of the others and is itself displace by all of the others
          • redox reactions involve both oxidation(loss of electrons) and reduction (gain of electrons).


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