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Emily Parkes 15/10/2012

The Philippines

The Philippines is an island arc in Southeast Asia consisting of over 7,000 islands, concentrated at
latitudes between 5 and 20oN of the equator. It lies on a belt of tropical cyclones, and astride an
active plate boundary. The dense oceanic Philippines plate is being…

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Emily Parkes 15/10/2012

disease. The eruption also caused many injuries. Education for thousands of children was seriously
disrupted by the destruction of schools in the eruption. There were also many economic effects
which can be linked to the environment and social effects. Some of these effects were that economic

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Emily Parkes 15/10/2012

due to the fault line. The location of California means that it is at threat from earthquakes, tsunamis,
storms and heavy rain caused by El Niño, and drought associated with La Niña. As well as this
California also suffers from landslides and mudflows which are secondary hazards…


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