Global hazard trends- Is the world becoming more hazardous?

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- Number of reported disasters risen sharply since 1960s

- Particularly hyrdrometeorological; floods and storms accounted for 70% of disasters globally in last 40 years

- Rising number of pop. living in hazard hotspots

- Indonesia: hotspot for tectonic activity, as a result of mobile plate boundary where Indian plate is being subducted beneath the Burma plate (destructive boundary)

- Rising trend might be result of global warming

- Global Warming- greater magnitude, higher frequency

El Nino/ La Nina:

- Affects winds + ocean currents

- Lasts for 7- 10 years

- El Nino years: unusually heavy rain in Peru and California, dry conditions in Indonesia and Australia, leads to drought

- La Nina: unusually heavy rain in Australia and Indonesia and drought in America (Californian drought + wildfires

- Hurricanes in Atlantic increased in La Nina years and reduced in…


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