Detailed Research Methods Introduction & Primary Research Methods PPT

Very detailed Powerpoint looking at:

  • Factors influencing a researchers choice of method
  • Different types of sampling (Random, Stratified random, Quota, Multi-stage, ***********, Non-representative
  • Case studies
  • Life Histories
  • Pilot studies
  • Social surveys & Advantages and Disadvantages
  • Questionnaires - Different types as well as Advantages & Disadvantages
  • Different types of interviews as well as advantages & Disadvantages of them
  • Observation (Covert and Overt Participant Observation)
  • Advantages & Disadvantages of Participant observation
  • Longitudinal studies - Advantages & Disadvantages
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Chris Cartwright
A2 Sociology Student…read more

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Choosing a primary research method
Primary sources are data collected by sociologists
Like choosing a topic, the choice of method may be
influenced by factors such as funding (it is usually easier
to get funding for quantitative studies)
The nature of the topic may make particular methods
more appropriate, and the approach of the researcher
(for example, positivist or interpretivist) will influence the
choice…read more

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Choosing a primary research method (2)
Also, the following will also influence the type of method
chosen to conduct primary research:
Reliability ­ Whether another researcher using the same
procedure would obtain the same results.
Quantitative methods are sometimes seen as more reliable
Validity ­ Whether the data produces a true reflection of
social reality
Qualitative data offers a more valid picture of social reality…read more

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Bryman (2001) ­ The 4 types of validity
Measurement validity (Construct validity) ­ concerned
with whether something really measures what it claims
For example, whether IQ tests measure intelligence
Internal validity ­ concerned with whether a casual
relationship is real or not
External validity ­ concerned with whether results can be
Ecological validity ­ concerned with whether social
science theories hold true in every day settings…read more

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Other issues
Research methods are also determined by practical
considerations, particularly:
Sample size
Access…read more

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A look at the different types of sampling that can be used in
primary research…read more

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this is extremely useful for revision. Thank you !!

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