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Development and Globalisation

Development: Improvement in a number of different characteristics of a population

Economic development
Increase in a country's level of wealth
Decrease in those employed in agriculture and an increase in manufacturing and
service employment
Greater access of and use of natural resources
More energy per head of…

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Current Day Classification
Developed countries:
most highly developed countries, whose populations enjoy high living standards
Developing countries: countries at a lower stage of development
Least developed countries (LDCs):
Countries with low living standards
High infant mortality
Low levels of education
Typically subSaharan African countries
Newly industrialising countries (NICs):
Countries that…

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Other Measures of development
Human development index (HDI)
Proposed by the UN
Life expectancy at birth
Adult literacy and enrolment in education at primary, secondary and tertiary levels
Real GDP per capita
Places some developing countries in the same band as Europe due to promoting
human development even with…

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