AS/A2 Rivers Fieldwork Study

A super detialed Rivers Feildwork study.  It was created by my teacher and re-phrased and re-worked by me.  I got 20/25 in the 1st half of skills ( the part based on the fieldwork) and 32/40 when I the 1st half of unit 4a (in the bit based on the fieldwork)

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AS Geography
Hydrology Fieldwork
The River Lyn, North Devon

Aim ­
To investigate how river channel characteristics change from source to mouth.

Hypotheses ­
1. Velocity increases with increasing stream order.
2. Hydraulic radius increases with increasing stream order.
3. Bedload size decreases with increasing stream order.

Induction ­

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2. Depth ­ The distance across baseline was divided into 10. Measurements were taken
using a metal ruler, channel depth readings were taken. Also we recorded the beginning
and ends of a river.
3. Gradient ­ The angle of slope of the long profile of the river was measured using…

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Width x average depth = cross sectional area (m2)

Cross sectional area x velocity = discharge (m3/sec)

Discharge is a measure of the volume of the water that flows past a given point in the river channel.
Discharge increases with distance downstream because the channel is getting deeper and wider,…

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N=11 0.623 0.736 0.780

Therefore, we can be 98% confident that there is a correlation between velocity and distance
downstream. We therefore can reject the null hypotheses and conclude it does increase with

Statically, hydraulic radius does increase down the river Lyn. There is a significant positive
correlation. It…


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