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The Design Argument
Key Guy: William Paley…read more

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Which of these three is the odd
one out?…read more

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What is Design?
Any complex mechanism is designed for a purpose. Design
involves things working to a plan to produce something that
was intended.
If you look at a car you see that fuel powers an engine, which
turns a shaft, which turns the wheels and so makes the car
This complexity suggests thought has gone into the way a car
works, therefore the suggestion is there is a designer.…read more

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In pairs work out how the following examples from nature show
evidence of design. Explain each on file paper.…read more

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More Evidence of Design!
Laws of Science
· A reason why some people think the universe is designed is because
the universe work according to laws. The laws of gravity, magnetism,
light, sound all involve complex things working together.
· DNA appears to many to be another piece of evidence for design.
· DNA is a nucleic acid that forms the material of all living things. DNA
replicates by splitting the helix to form new cells.
· DNA appears to shoe complex design and evidence of a designer.
· Some scientists also see evidence of design in the process of evolution
where complex life forms develop from simpler ones.
Beauty of Nature
· Sunsets, mountains, landscape, animals all have beauty suggesting
they have been made or created by something.…read more

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William Paley (1743 ­ 1805)
Paley's Watch
" If you come across a watch in an uninhabited
place, you would not say it had been put there
by chance. The complexity of its mechanism
would make you say it had a designer. The
universe is a far more complex mechanism than
a watch, and so, if a watch needs a
watchmaker, the universe needs a universe
maker. As the only being that could design the
universe would be God, it follows that God
must exist."
Explain Paley's idea in your own words.…read more

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