design argument


what is design argument

design argument is the argument that argues for the existence of God it is also known as inductive and posteriori argument because it looks for evidence facts and reason in the world to prove gods existence another name for design argument is teleos meaning end or purpose. 

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who was the first scholar to argue for the existen

st thomas aquinas (1224-1275) he wrote a book called summa theoligica where he wrote 5 ways to prove gods existence the first 3 are cosmological argument and the last one is design argument which states that a thing that lack knowledge cannot be moved by itself it need a director or a mover to direct he gives us the example of the analogy of arrow and the archer. he was highly influence by aristotle idea of final and efficient cause he linked it to christianity by statating that god islike a painter and his final cause was the universe 

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what is William Paley argument about

he believed that we need an explaination for the universe he stated the analogy about the stone and the heath 

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