Describe and evaluate the biological approach to the treatment of OCD 12 mark essay plan

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Describe and evaluate the biological to the treatment of OCD (12 marks)
Point 1 Drug therapy
Treatment involving drugs, chemicals that have a particular effect on the functioning
of the brain or some other body system. Usually effect neurotransmitter levels
o Aim to increase or decrease levels of neurotransmitters
o Aim to increase levels of serotonin
o Work by preventing reabsorption of/breakdown of serotonin
o Increase levels in the synapse and thus continue to stimulate the
postsynaptic neuron
o Dosage: Fluxoetine ­ 20mg (can be increased if not effective)
o Side effects:
Weight gain/loss
Lack of sexual desire
Point 2 Alternatives to SSRIs
o Older type of anti depressant
o Same side effects as SSRIs but can be
more severe
o Only used on patients who don't respond to SSRIs
o Second line of defence for those who don't respond to SSRIs
o Increase levels of serotonin as well as the neurotransmitter noradrenaline

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A02 Evaluation
Point 1 Effective in tackling OCD symptoms
Soomro et al (2009)
o Reviewed studies which compared SSRIs with a placebo for treatment of
OCD, concluded that for all seven studies SSRIs showed significantly better
results than the placebo symptoms
Shows that drug treatments have supporting research that help prove that drugs can
help most patients with OCD
Point 2 Drugs are cost effective and nondisruptive
Cheap compared to psychological therapies
Good value for things such as the NHS
Non disruptive to patients lives…read more

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