Dement and Kleitman Improvements

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Dement and Kleitman
Problem Solution Affect of Solution
Small sample size that was not Increase sample size to a larger More correlations will become
representative enough number (50) apparent
Increase the number of women so Anomalous results will be spotted
the ratio of men to women is equal more easily
All participants should be studied More researchers need to run the
with the same amount of detail experiment
Increased generalizability but if self
selected then limited as similar
types of people volunteer (ergo not
Experiment conducted in artificial Conduct experiment at house of Increased ecological validity as it is
conditions participants instead of laboratory a more familiar environment
Less reliable as the each test
environment is different
Expensive to implement and time
Can't ensure that no alcohol or caffeine is Keep them under observation for Increased reliability as more
consumed whole day before night experiment controlled experiment, reducing
to ensure no alcohol or caffeine has variables
been consumed

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Keep away any other products that Costly and time consuming to
may alter results of experiment implement…read more


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